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Bradley, or Brad, is one of newer members of the The Mob, having joined in about the middle of 2012. He is very well known for always carrying his lunchbox around; even to the extent of being with his lunchbox instead of being with his friends. He has extremely hairy legs, so much that seeing the skin on his legs is very difficult. He once waxed his legs to raise money for charity. He is also a member of The Dregs, The Mob and the group that sold Relationship Insurance at 2013 Market Week. He was an early hater of Headstart.

Brad was the first person to be Shnicked and was the person that created the infamous Naan Jokes on Year 9 city camp. He is mentioned in The Circle Song. Brad is sometimes called Bradles or Bardlye.

He was in Class A 2010-11 and Class B 2012-13. He is a fan of Double Uniforms and won best dressed male at the Year 9 Op Shop Formal.

He is often bagged for:

  • Saying "I Shall", often awkwardly uttered after a shop clerk say something along the lines of 'Have a nice day.'
  • Liking a girl that apparently has a beard.
  • Having an alter ego named Bardlye.
  • Being a leech.
  • Not ever being able to write a decent song, despite many attempts.
  • An atrocious beard.

As of August 2017, he lives in the Crib among with Tim and Rehfisch, among others. He spends about 95% of his waking hours playing some sort of video game, such as Skyrim, FIFA, AFL Evolution, Far Cry and most recently Civilization V.


Year Movie Role played Notes
2012 The Life of Ryan Co-director
T.B.A. Scoop and Chuck Creator Pre-production